Overarching Social Action

One of the requirements of the #iwill funding programme is that there is a strong social action thread to what is done. In our KMG project each workshop will, we intend, have a social action purpose, angle or content. There should be 20+workshops during the year each with such a dimension.

However, it was thought a good idea for these social action “jigsaw” pieces to fit an overarching theme.

Aiming high with our Whitby community as the target.

Thanks to Whitby Company of Archers

Building skills and out-of-school networks, raising the sights to become young citizens who contribute to communities and causes. 

Double Barrel Workshop

Baking pizzas and making bath bombs both hit the mark with 15 youngsters for this second workshop at Easter. Janine Pemberton hosted this one at Sleights Scout Hut today. Tonight she said that workshops are eggs-hausting. The Shedders agree. Janine summarised the day on the Kids Making Good Facebook page…

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Cartloads of Skill

Day one of making Billy carts. “One of the best things I’ve ever done”, said one lad. All said they had enjoyed and benefited – team working, new skills, new people, new experiences they said. “Is this run by the Scouts?”, one mum asked. No, it was started as a…

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Eskdale Students Develop Ideas

Great stuff Eskdale. They have gone deeper into what they previously suggested as workshop topics. Exactly what we need! Thanks to Mr. Bloor for encouraging the students to think through their ideas on paper. About a dozen here, with some more to come. The questions in the four boxes surrounding…

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Scratch and Inspirational Callum

Scratch is a graphical programming tool that uses Lego-like blocks to describe computer logic. We are looking at this as part of the future Youth Shed in Sleights. Possibly also a KMG workshop. https://codeclubprojects.org/en-GB/ A visit to Stockton Library with grandsons to learn coding using Scratch (a free learning tool…

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Easter Workshops Launch

Here are the final arrangements (note there is one change in date from preliminary announcement). This is now opened to any children/ young people in Whitby district (Staithes down to Bay). We are notifying other schools and have visited heads at several. There will be a feature in Whitby Gazette…

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Swift Boxes

Swifts will be on the wing in a few weeks after spending the winter in Africa. Predicted arrival at our shores is 7th May. Thus the Workshop at Littlebeck to make Swift bird boxes. Wonderful weather for the session alongside the beck. Plywood, hand saws, powered jig saw, hammers, glue,…

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