Overarching Social Action

One of the requirements of the #iwill funding programme is that there is a strong social action thread to what is done. In our KMG project each workshop will, we intend, have a social action purpose, angle or content. There should be 20+workshops during the year each with such a dimension.

However, it was thought a good idea for these social action “jigsaw” pieces to fit an overarching theme.

Aiming high with our Whitby community as the target.

Thanks to Whitby Company of Archers

Building skills and out-of-school networks, raising the sights to become young citizens who contribute to communities and causes. 

Epidemic of Childhood Inactivity

But not just children. Adults too. And it is worldwide. According to a World Heath Organisation (WHO) report summarised on BBC news. “Four in five 11- to 17-year-olds around the world are not taking enough physical exercise, according to the first such analysis.The World Health Organisation says children’s health is being…

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Wii Sport and Pumpkin Heads

The youngsters at Sleights Primary know “Mrs Vicar” although the Rev. Veronica has retired and vacated the manse. The Youth Shed has benefited from the move and downsizing, however! In the previous blog on the Youth Shed the snooker/pool table is evident. That was a donation from Veronica and Shedder…

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Two Future Workshops

Two offers of new workshops. Cowen’s and John Freeman At October half-term Cowen’s (window and door manufacturers in Whitby) have offered youngsters the opportunity to see technology at work. The technologies behind insulation of windows and doors, to keep the heat in! The technology they use to manufacture the components…

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Sleights Youth Shed nears

A Saturday assembling tall kitchen storage units at Sleights Scout Hut Connor, Dillon, Thomas and Isaac worked on Saturday with Roger, Eddie and Graham to figure out the assembly instructions of Howden self-assembly units. There are many ways to assemble the units, but only one correct way:-) The four lads…

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Young Fire Crew!

Eight youngsters underwent training at Whitby Fire Station. On the schedule was resuscitation, vehicle maintenance, ropy skills and water safety. Plus a cab eye view of the road and a short blast from the sirens with blue lights. It was an action packed morning with a lot to learn through…

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