How Silicon Valley educates its children

Knitting, digging and dance are in the curriculum and digital is banned!

One of the Whitby Sheddermen passed on an article from the media digest “THE WEEK” with the above title.

To quote, “In the crucible of the technology industry, parents send their children to elite tech-free schools, where screens and digital technology are banned.”

“The same executives who have flooded the world with smartphones pay up to $40,000 a year to wall off their kids from their creations.”

Two significant comments.

One couple with twins of 6 years at a school said,“Living here, technology is everywhere. You can’t get away from it. I just wanted our kids to have a technology-free start, so they would be playing and running around and picking up leaves and getting dirty, rather than sitting inside and watching a screen. It didn’t feel like giving our kids access to so much technology so soon was a good choice.”

An early Facebook executive who made hundreds of millions of dollars when the social media company floated on the stock market, bars his three children, aged from six to ten, from using it. He said in an interview “they get no screen time whatsoever. The tools we have created today are starting to erode how society works.”

Two final quotes from the article. “Technology can quickly dampen a child’s spirit“. “Modern technology is addictive by design.”

In Kidz Making Good some technology will be used when needed for enabling a task to be done. Not solely for entertainment. The necessary equipment will normally be provided, so personal mobile phones etc. are not needed.

We want kids to be sufficiently stimulated and focused that they do not miss their social media. However, we must be realistic! At break times youngsters can by all means text, call or send a picture home, but stay attentive in workshop time 🙂

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