Learning-by-doing at KMG

There’s a piece in the Gazette again (thanks to them!) introducing the essence of Kids Making Good. But the thinking is also developing as we engage with new supporters with interesting thoughts.

  • What thoughts?
    1. Rather like Alexa’s Skills, what is offered and how it is delivered has varied possibilities.
      • For instance, whilst the idea of KMG is for activity out-of-school the possibility arises of delivering “worklets” (small workshops) during a school day. In particular to the younger end in primary schools when the attention span might be shorter.
      • An example is an idea of a writers’ group delivering a double lesson involving inter-generational interviews with those with long lives and long memories. Youngsters writing about their encounter or using yellow-stickers of thoughts. “When I was your age . . .”
    2. “Recruiting” young people to activities that support KMG which they can be a part of throughout the year, even before the first workshops in February. These are essentially services not tied to dates.
      • Web-site development (a new one by/for young people)
      • Presentation materials for advertising and meetings (e.g. handouts and PowerPoints (making the point, not pointless!)
      • Presentations to outside interests
      • Administration at an appropriate level.
      • Helping with forward planning and resourcing (morphing into a KMG Council ultimately)
      • Running information stalls at school and town events
    3. Discussing and deciding KMG rules!! How youngsters treat each other and those helping them. Seeing worth in difference. Visiting particular local organisations like Interactive and WHISH.
    4. KMG Suggestion Boxes in Schools/Scouts/Library

That’s enough for now:-) but it shows the way joint thinking is developing. Do you have ideas to send to info@kidzmakinggood.org.uk

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