More Steps Forward with KMG

Turning an idea into reality involves many, many small steps with very occasional leaps. Here are some of those steps (that may yet prove to be leaps).

The facebook page has gone live, the contribution of Lisa Pollard to the cause. Much appreciated. It will present news and events whilst this web-site will hold the deeper story of events. We look forward in due course to a web-site run by a team of youngsters. Do you know any who might be interested to learn or contribute?

Budding web-siters?

Insurance is arranged to be effective from half term. Safeguarding policy and procedures are in process too. We would welcome a band of perhaps 20 volunteers willing to help at workshops from time to time, acting also as part of safeguarding. Is that something you could help with?

No cover for rain though!

We visited Whitby Fire Service for Shed reasons. We told them about KMG and they are now added to our list of organisations and individuals offering to contribute to workshops in one way or another. We came up with several ideas to work on. Could your organisation offer help? We are very happy to discuss.

A visit to NYCC’s Living Well team led to a very worthwhile conversation on KMG. Whitby Sheds also had contact with Airy Hill School regarding help with making features for a garden project planned for this Spring and that led to us explaining about KMG and the idea emerged that the project could be one of the Saturday KMG workshops for older young people. That was creative thinking with the member of staff.

Details of the first 3 activities at half term will be released in a week’s time. These will not have been chosen by youngsters but by us. That will change as ideas come in from children and young people of what they’d like to do in future workshops. You can also suggest to us ideas. Maybe propose something your organisation might do.

That’s enough for now, the foundations are laid!

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