Scratch and Inspirational Callum

Scratch is a graphical programming tool that uses Lego-like blocks to describe computer logic. We are looking at this as part of the future Youth Shed in Sleights. Possibly also a KMG workshop.

A visit to Stockton Library with grandsons to learn coding using Scratch (a free learning tool used by many schools developed and contributed to the “world” by Massachusetts Institute of Technology, MIT) led to Graham meeting another young Scratcher (is that a real term?) called Callum.

He is 10 and was there with Dad, Andy. What was inspirational about Callum?

It was what he has done over the last two years or so to raise funds for a cancer charity. When he was 8, Dad was diagnosed with cancer and that has dogged Andy since. Callum decided he’d do something and began (amongst other things) to make jewellery items for sale. He set a target of £250 but was persuaded by a sports coach to raise his sights to £1000. That was achieved in one month!

On the fundraising went,and to date Callum has raised more than £42,000.

That has required a lot of time and commitment on top of school. Dad and Callum were at Coding Club because Andy wants him to do what many other youngsters of his age do. Clearly, Callum and Andy care for each other very practically. That’s the inspiration.

Praise for Stockton Library. They encourage many activities to use the first class premises. There is a cafe too. It is a real community hub in a town where, sadly, quite a lot of retail premises are “to let”. But, the place holds a secret too. There is a 3D printer upstairs that they hope to introduce the young Scratchers to.

Praise for the 3 volunteers (and a few others) with about a dozen youngsters. This is a club that has existed for around 3 years now. Things do not happen without committed volunteers.

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