Eskdale Students Develop Ideas

Great stuff Eskdale. They have gone deeper into what they previously suggested as workshop topics. Exactly what we need!

Thanks to Mr. Bloor for encouraging the students to think through their ideas on paper. About a dozen here, with some more to come.

The first dozen ideas worked up further

The questions in the four boxes surrounding the “My idea for a workshop” central box are:

  • Exactly what would you like to do?
  • Why do you want to do it?
  • How could your activity help other people (i.e. Community Action)?
  • Do you know anybody who could help deliver the workshop?

These were the first ideas:

  • Plastic art work (from waste plastics)
  • Fixing remote control vehicles (models)
  • Face makeup
  • Mini sports day
  • Animation/art museum
  • Model making in teams
  • Baking
  • Protest – pollution
  • Plastic art work again but with learning about our planet
  • Drama – putting on a performance
  • Electronics (access to different gaming devices)

These (and some developed ideas yet to come) allow us to now to proceed to putting together a number of these ideas. In doing this, we will want to come back to groups of students to make sure we stay on track with their ideas.

Ideas are not restricted to coming from Eskdale School. We’d welcome any ideas from anywhere, but particularly from young people.

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