Cartloads of Skill

Day one of making Billy carts. “One of the best things I’ve ever done”, said one lad. All said they had enjoyed and benefited – team working, new skills, new people, new experiences they said.

“Is this run by the Scouts?”, one mum asked. No, it was started as a collaboration between the Men’s/Women’s Sheds in Whitby district, Whitby Eskmouth Scouts and Eskdale School, added to by Sleights Primary School and now reaching out to other schools and young people’s ventures.

Onto Day 2

Near complete

We shall be organising a morning in next half term to finish off the carts completely and then race them. At Eskdale School hopefully, with permission.

PS. The cart on the extreme right is to a modified design being made to contain two tots on playgroup cart rides.

The Workshops are producing some unexpected moments of surprise. As the workshop ended and youngsters were leaving (with some parents helping to clear up without being asked!) one of the taller lads embraced Graham in a man hug of thanks. A golden moment of action that spoke more than words!

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