A Story Book that Speaks Truth

Graham has been in Australia and one of his duties was to take his granddaughter Rosie, 4, to the town library. There was a great array of books for children of all ages and whilst Rosie drew and watched Peppa Pig Graham spied a book with an interesting title – It Takes a Village.

Now the usual quotation is that it takes a village to raise a child. It is a strong community statement of shared responsibility for creating next generation citizens and the importance of the role models we can/should be.

However, this book, written so simply and profoundly with wonderful illustrations, turned the tables on the saying. Look on.

1. Sometimes it takes a child

Written for kids but it is for adults too, I believe. It is the the essence of what Kidz Making Good is about as the generations, sectors, organisations, families and individuals provide what they can to care for all ages. It is something we can all sign up to and take credit for.

Only as I researched the book online did I come to realise it is by Hillary Clinton. Knowing that has not changed my view of the important message of people’s worth.

There are many things going on in the town we are in, in Victoria. There is a real sense of working together and giving time in volunteering. Like the UK, without volunteers much that is needed would not happen.

The extent of volunteering is high and so is its profile. Pride in the town is evident from the lack of vandalism and the plethora of clean, free toilets in every play space and strategically around town. The infrastructure of community is regarded as a vital asset to be maintained and improved as it is handed from one generation onto another.

A word for Whitby alone. It is amazing the number of people we have met who have been to Whitby. It is ranked high for its atmosphere and the memories people have of its antiquity and associations. It is important we care for and about our town and region and in that regard we ought to appreciate those who are cleaning up our beaches.

Preaching over!

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