Decorating the Push Carts

A follow on to the workshop making go carts at Easter.

To be frank, we did not know what we meant by decorate so in the vacuum the youngsters took paints, spray paints, paints and masking tape to do creative designs together.

The grass is greener on the other side of the fence, and that was true at Eskdale School as patches of the grass our side of the fence turned red, blue, and gold from over-spray and heavy fingers on the spray can triggers!!

But it was great fun. Our thanks to Eskdale School and the site manager who facilitated this at the instigation of Ian Bloor.

Thanks to Lance Garrard of the Men’s Shed for joining Graham in “supervision” of colourful mayhem:-).

One of the carts will be auctioned at the Scouts’ Mulgrave Open Garden event shortly and with a little more work, Rory will be converted into a two seat pull cart for tots to be given rides in. Donated to a local charity.

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