A Winning Streak

Kidz Making Good were Award winners of the Best New Project from January 2018 in the Scarborough & Ryedale Community and Volunteer Awards 2019 by YMCA/NYCC. The awards evening was 5th June.

Thanks to ALL those involved in helping to run, plan and promote the workshops and to the youngsters that have attended, enjoyed and learnt new skills.

Here’s to another year of fun filled workshops!   (Janine)

If you wonder what was said to represent the project, the script is below. 

Best New Project since January 2018   Kidz Making Good (KMG)
Kidz Making Good is a one-year pilot programme of day workshops on a wide variety of topics for children and young people between 8 and 15 years old living in the Whitby district.
The idea behind the project is actually older than our first Men’s Shed at Littlebeck, but it was only after seeing the positive effect that men working together for a common purpose produced, that we began to progress the idea for young people.
Coincidentally, in 2017 the UK Men’s Shed Association, the Shed national body, was approached by Volunteer It Yourself asking whether Shedders could be mentors to young people in projects. VIY specializes in working with young people in schools and on community projects. One of their sponsors is Wickes Builders Merchants who provide equipment and materials.
Whitby Eskmouth Scouts host our Whitby Sheds and were a natural to partner with and a chance meeting with Eskdale School led them to join in.  A two day project making garden furniture with Eskdale School students using Sleights Scout Hut and a back-yard makeover by Scouts at their Whitby Hall achieved their practical goals.
But the enthusiasm of the youngsters involved in these confirmed we were on to something, and when Two Ridings Community Foundation offered funding (under the #iwill programme), Kidz Making Good became a reality.
Sleights Primary School then joined in, filling the younger end of our target 8-15 year old range.
This February, a year on, we had the first workshops covering glass art with bath bomb making, push carts, pizza making, hair braiding, make-up, can crushers following on and with archery next week.
All this requires buy in by individuals, organisations and enthusiastic small businesses but the crucial co-workers in the initiative with the Sheds have been Whitby Eskmouth Scouts and in particular the ex Group Scout Leader Janine Pemberton.
Janine has the uncanny knack of knowing people who might help and has great negotiating and organisational skills. Sadly but with very good reason, she could not be here tonight to receive the Award of Best New Project on behalf of Kidz Making Good.

There were two other Awards received on the evening for “The Sheds” (Spotlight Award for work to combat loneliness and isolation) and the Pioneer Volunteer to Graham for pushing deeper into the unknown of both Sheds and Kidz Making Good (thanks to nominator Lisa Pollard).

Whitby Beech Sweep received the Environmental Hero Award and Whitby Boxing Club nominated one of its mentors (very deservedly) for the Trustee of the Year Award.

It was a heart warming occasion to see and hear about other winning projects and meet  representatives. Foodbank4Whitby will know the Rainbow Centre who was recognised in their work and the Whitby Shed knows of Scarborough Gallows Close Centre project and Kimme. The Award to the Sheds was presented by Sophie Hall, SWR Mind CEO, who will be delivering mental health training to Sheds in the early autumn. A specific requirement of funding for the new BayThorpe Shed is to combat suicide. It is a natural part of probably most Sheds anywhere (there are now 500 across UK) but having focused awareness is a significant further step.

It was an event that pointed to how interconnected voluntary work should be and in many ways already is. Simply working togetrher. One of the functions of NYCC Stronger Community programme is to encourage just this.

Whitby was the location of 5 of the 12 Awards! Well done all.

Some photos from the night.

What a motley bunch of Shedders!

Paula Wheatley stood in for Lisa Pollard presenting the Pioneer Volunteer award

Recognise our Elaine? Well done to these Whitby colleagues!!!

All the winners ensemble.


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