Sea Glass Workshop, first in the summer break

Amy Kelly led a workshop much enjoyed by all.

It’s nice to play with stones on the beach but that can continue in a workshop. The girls made bracelets or necklaces by threading sea glass onto twine.

Before being able to do that the pieces need to be drilled! That stretched everybody including Amy because a little too much pressure easily results in a broken piece.

The youngsters enjoyed using the drill in the drill stand. It requires a firm but delicate touch!

Thanks to Amy and thanks to the youngsters of course. Take a look at some of the photos. They are in no particular order!!

Finishing off the jewellery

What have we here?

Pebble art with Janine casting an uncritical critical eye!

The whole team at the beginning looking at fragments of china

What can be done with beach pebbles

Amy giving tuition on use of the drill

Glad the angle does not show Graham’s bald patch!

Now which pieces shall we choose?

Learning new skills

Highly strung? Pleasure at an achievement

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