Flower Crowns Workshop

The last of the summer holiday workshops. A great morning with Michelle using the Sleights Scout Hut.

There were 11 girls working quite solidly on what is a fiddly but very creative task. Thanks to two mums who stayed on and helped the youngsters (and did a crown themselves).

When a youngster says “I can’t” and then goes on to succeed we know that we are going on the right track in developing not only new skills but the discipline to keep trying. Delighted when a couple of girls wanted to sweep up and wash up!

Our thanks to Michelle for a great morning. Our thanks to the girls who were focused on the job in hand. Thanks to the families that are supporting Kidz Making Good too.

[Technically, it involved making a thin wire loop for a head band; then binding with green florist’s tape;making mini bunches of flowers bound together with tape; then taping the bunches onto the head band. Some added a bit of glitter too.]

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