Automata for Kidz and Archimedes Screw

All about levers, cams, cogs, pulleys and more. We want to make a working automaton in a day with 10 youngsters! Something like in the video!

Automata are like robots but there are no motors and the movement of the object is repetitive = like the ever cobbling cobbler in some shoe repairers windows.

There are a number of wooden pieces to make, some simple and some more complex, that when assembled brings a model to life! Learn about the basics and get clever with movements.


Here is a manual of mechanisms in a fun format. We have the tools to do the job:-)

Get creative and MAKE!

Scouts and we have been invited by the volunteers at the Ruswarp turbine to view the facility and see the Archimedes Screw there.  Follow this link to view the web-site 

We have borrowed a working model of the screw (see picture) and Sleights Youth Shed may have a go at making a similar one by investigating how it was made.

Get creative and MAKE!

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