Second Sleights Youth Shed night and Upcoming KMG Pumpkin Carving

Sadly, Bob who helped with the Youth Shed on the first night was unwell. A disaster?

It could easily have been but Graham’s good lady stepped in at first but along came two mums. Brilliant. It’s exactly what the Sheds are about, community – and community starts at family!

So, a second week of disorganised chaos that somehow works! A wealth of different activities that the youngsters themselves orchestrate. Nothing fixed in stone. reacting to who is there and what is available.


Marble maze and smiling face

Walki Talki was set very popular

Tacking the wall cupboard back

Headless Robot – very scary

Who is the person in the mask?

Do you recognise this eye?

A wooden sword in the making

No Youth Shed in half term but there is a pumpkin event on Wednesday next at Sleights Scout Hut for Kidz Making Good.

All the details on facebook. Hit the FB link on the rhs

Youngsters can create Pumpkin Art


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