Wii Sport and Pumpkin Heads

The youngsters at Sleights Primary know “Mrs Vicar” although the Rev. Veronica has retired and vacated the manse. The Youth Shed has benefited from the move and downsizing, however!

In the previous blog on the Youth Shed the snooker/pool table is evident. That was a donation from Veronica and Shedder husband Eddie.

Wii Sports Bowling projected

On the first SYS evening one of the youngsters asked about the possibility of having Wii Sports  to play on. We put the word out and, lo, by chance it was mentioned to Mrs. Vicar. In the back of a manse cupboard to be cleared was a Wii Sports set.

Graham connected it up at home and to a computer projector for “big screen” viewing. It all worked. If anyone has other games (like Wii Resort or Mario Cars) we’d welcome knowing. We will be scouring the charity shops in town!

At Staithes Men’s Shed today there were half a dozen local youngsters playing not far from our Shed as we left. “What do you do in there?”, a couple said.

We do woodwork and make things, we said. Their play was very simple as they balanced on low walls and explored a bit. Very simple home-made non mischievous fun with chatter to each other. It honestly touched Graham (given what he is happening in Sleights) and he asked if they’d like to make things. Of course they would!

Some went to Seton Primary in Staithes and soon they realised that the play workbench/shop and the car in the play area had been made by us.

With the youngsters we hatched the idea of a Saturday morning activity for youngsters (no more than 10) to do some creative woodwork.

If you can help with this (even with refreshments) we’d like to hear from you. Well be speaking to the school about this at the end of half term.

Pumpkin Workshop report and photos to follow after Wednesday!

Some rather messy pumpkin painting this morning at the Sleights Scout Hut with KMG. When the sun went in we had to resort to a hairdryer to dry the paint! All good fun.

Those that used the glow in the dark paint, you need to shine a light on it first then they should glow really well when put in a dark place. Pics please!

Thanks to all the adults that stayed to help – I hope you enjoyed your morning too….!

And thanks to Janine too for organising and running this workshop.


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