A Look at Sleights Youth Shed Exploits (Over 8 weeks)

When we started the Friday night Youth Shed we did not know what to expect. We now have a few under our belt. We still don’t know what to expect on any evening!

The youngsters are full of ideas and energy too. We have every sympathy for teachers!

However, not one evening has failed to deliver, in ways we could not have planned for. It has been delightful to see youngsters who did not know each other discover for themselves how to  play together without hand held games.

Last Friday we had prepared bug hotels to assemble. Guess what we did NOT do! I guess if we had lesson plans we would be judged to have failed. However, it is the youngsters’ Shed and (within reason) they can do what they feel like with the tools, games, materials and equipment there.

It’s called creativity!

Take a look at what we did last Friday. Remember, we do think about safety (honest) but we want to stretch the youngsters to move a little out of their comfort zones.


“Get well Bob!” was what the youngsters lined up to shout. “Where’s Bob?” some had said when they arrived.

Bob had been ill in bed most of the week. Unusual for him. Sarah Savage was there to help (and proof test the rope swing gently). Graham’s wife Joan came to help in Bob’s absence.

Look at the final photo. Mum was there to collect and hoped the idea of cleaning would catch on at home!

Finally, another week and some more creativity. None of what you see really planned, except the birthday cake and popcorn!

Some words of explanation. It had been one girl’s birthday a day or two before and thus we celebrated with popcorn and cake (is that healthy eating?). But they enjoyed it. What started out as one rectangular tube of nailed short planks, eventually became two with feet added. We now have to find some longer planks to join the legs to a body made before Christmas. It will be a robot! At least Graham managed to finish a frame for a bug hotel at long last.

They/we also played quoits (unfortunately the picture was blurred). Some maths came into it with the need for a scorer.

Ah. The body. And the weapon? It was all a bit of overacting. From hopping about pretending to have hammered his thumb, he became a corpse. Not a very convincing one but we know it could have been done by a girl with a hammer in the Scout hut. Living Cluedo.





L&L Bake Smarties Cookies – a How to guide!

Then the recipe. Any food allergies?

First the Baking Book

Then a photo of what we are aiming for!

Step 2 – Preparation before starting

Wash hands with soap

Do it well for 20 seconds!










Clean the table top. Anti-bacterial spray. Do NOT spray others!!

Next step is to prepare the mix

Weigh 110g of butter and 110g of brown sugar into mixing bowl. Cream the butter and sugar together with wooden spoon.

Add half self-raising flour (85g) and 1 tablespoon of golden syrup. Rub in the flour to the mix by hand. Mix 3 tubes of Smarties with rest of flour (85g) and add, mixing by hand (do not eat Smarties!)

Have greased baking trays ready. Make golf-balls of the mix and place on greased trays ready for the oven PREHEATED to 150 degrees. Carefully (adult) place the trays into the heated oven and bake for 12 minutes.

Remove from the oven but beware they (and particularly the Smarties inside) will be very hot. Leave to cool for about 15 minutes and then consume, one only each so that there are enough to give to family and friends!

Compare result with the original photograph. A successful result as regards appearance but they have to be put to the taste test.  Unsure of the result L&L decided to try another!

Then wash up the equipment!

Next time there is baking the request was for a cake or two.

Next time came and we made pancakes and stuff!

Another surprise spontaneous activity this week was football. The kids started it and all at one time or another were involved. Soon be light enough to go outside the Scout Hut where there is now an “instant”


orchard. Looks great.


Jam tarts






Team A making muffins

Jam tarts cooked






Part of a talent competition some wanted


I have no idea!

Strangely quiet. They are up to something!


Doing a turn

The new orchard with gravel (the ground there is a little boggy

No scrumping!! Well done Eskmouth Scouts

A lively evening – kids tend to be lively! Last Youth Shed until after Easter when we will have to consider further the situation with regard to coronavirus.

We have an electric projection screen now and used it with a repaired Wii Sports game and a projector.

Sarah was unwell yesterday and come later afternoon she knew she could not make it to help. We are  grateful for Sam agreeing to help last night. It seems to have been an eye opener because she thought girls might quietly sit in circles! Not in the Youth Shed. The girls are every bit as “boys”terous as the girls. “Girlsterous” maybe.


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