What’s It About?

Kidz Making Good is about providing wider opportunities for children (8-11) and young people (12-15) to develop themselves by self exploration and self-learning in small group settings as opposed to “teaching”. 

Origins of the underlying thinking  goes back 4 years to a proposal (pre-Sheds happening) to provide “simulated work experience” for young people that would offer week-long workshop challenges corresponding to the periods young people spent in external organisations in an adult setting. The idea was to give a greater choice to schools for placements. 

It was then that it came to light that such placements for all had ceased to be a statutory requirement two years before and schools were not geared up for work experience (managing, monitoring etc). 

The success of Men’s Sheds in Sleights area and Whitby, and concern to provide opportunities for Whitby area youngsters led to consideration of working in some way with young people (as happens in Australia, home of the Shed movement).  Consultation with UK Men’s Shed Association led to an introduction to Volunteer It Yourself, an organisation with national coverage but who had never worked in our region or much in The North. VIY work with schools and projects for young people doing DIY.

The result was that VIY (and Wickes builders merchants) worked with Eskdale School,  Whitby Eskmouth Scouts and Whitby Sheds to run a two day school workshop at the Scout Hut in Sleights and a one day garden makeover at Eskmouth Scout Hall. These were very positive experiences for all involved, particularly 30 youngsters! See photos below.

Eskdale School students – two day’s productive effort
Eskmouth Scouts – fencing, artificial turf, planters, decorated rubber tyres (all unseen!)

Gossiping these two events with Two Ridings Community Foundation led to them pointing to the Lottery #iwill funding programme. We formed a partnership to develop the idea and others are being added. This is a pilot project that it is hoped will become something that will continue and be able to be adopted elsewhere (as happened with the Sheds).  

Below are the original background notes prepared to share the idea between partners (and with Two Ridings Community Foundation).

Kidz Making Good will not be restricted to DIY. Workshops will be diverse with choices influenced by children and young people.

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