In search of Workshop Ideas

If you are a young person with an idea for a workshop you’d like to experience then the sheet below is downloadable to record your thoughts. If you know an organisation (group, team, business, project, church or club) who might be willing to help with organising a workshop, offering space…

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Some Miscellanea

Compassion, leadership, excellence, respect, responsibility These are the values that are recognised in the school Graham’s grandson in Australia attends. He’s just got a class award for adhering to the values at the point he moves up into the senior “campus”. Below is the banner on the fence at Sleights…

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Here’s a draft of the promotional Kidz Making Good postcard to be printed shortly. This is for the launch period. We hope that design suggestions for an impact-ful card will come from young people in due course. Maybe two, for primary and secondary ages. We thought you might like to…

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Worth a Listen

Bringing Up Britain is a long running radio series for parents (and grandparents) related to children and young people. Each programme focuses on a single issue. It is in it eleventh series and all episodes are available online. It is easy listening with Mariella Frostrup.

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Learning-by-doing at KMG

There’s a piece in the Gazette again (thanks to them!) introducing the essence of Kids Making Good. But the thinking is also developing as we engage with new supporters with interesting thoughts. What thoughts? Rather like Alexa’s Skills, what is offered and how it is delivered has varied possibilities. For…

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Overarching Social Action

One of the requirements of the #iwill funding programme is that there is a strong social action thread to what is done. In our KMG project each workshop will, we intend, have a social action purpose, angle or content. There should be 20+workshops during the year each with such a dimension.

However, it was thought a good idea for these social action “jigsaw” pieces to fit an overarching theme.

Aiming high with our Whitby community as the target.

Thanks to Whitby Company of Archers

Building skills and out-of-school networks, raising the sights to become young citizens who contribute to communities and causes.