Workshop Programme

Six Saturday workshop dates are planned, each with 2 different workshops run in parallel. There are 4 “holiday” periods when there will be 2 different workshops run in parallel that extend over several days.

The February half term (w/c Monday 25/2/19) kicks off Kidz Making Good workshops. Young people will be involved in deciding future workshops but the busyness of the lead up to Christmas and the Christmas break means that we have had to make choices for them at this stage.

We have started on a path to providing 4 contrasting workshops, three one day (10 am – 3 pm) and one over two days.  Here are sketches of what is being explored. We welcome comment and suggestions for alternative workshops that we can include in a menu of future possibilities informing young people.

One-day workshops

  1. The Restart Project ( has offered a day workshop on repair of electronic devices.  They are currently developing a school’s programme and we can help shape a day workshop fitting our needs. Local help would be needed, but under TRP guidance. [Whilst in Whitby, TRP are keen to run an adult event along the lines of a Repair Cafe.] 
  2. Working with glass with a local artist. This may appeal in particular to arts creative youngsters. Possibly individually or in small groups making components for a larger assembly perhaps to be given to a care centre.
  3. A starter workshop designing and building a web-site to present KMG publicly and to report events, activities, people, results and outcomes
    journalisticly. A media channel by young people for young people. Possible input from Whitby Gazette staff on journalism element. This one-day workshop to continue through the year with other youngsters participating.

Two-day workshop

This to be a workshop (guided/led by an appropriate local professional)  looking at Whitby Eskmouth Scout Hall’s “needs and aspirations”. This would take into account the Whitby DAG disability assessment also. Thinking, measuring, drawings, alternatives (on paper and as a 3D model). Also two or three practical making/doing tasks that contribute to taking ideas forward. 

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